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the halloween lantern

(in which the author devises a plan to make a lantern from parchment baking paper and a cheese triangle box!)

read on IF YOU DARE….

draw! pilgrim halloween Poe-em

spooky by day and night!

fancy/silly poetry aside, this lantern is easy as pumpkin pie to make. all you need are some simple household items. you might even have them all in your cupboards right now!

lantern ingredients

as well as tissue paper, parchment baking paper, a round cheese-triangle box and scissors, you’ll also need a ruler, some spray adhesive, some glue and/or staples, a bit of paint, and a candle or light.

leaves and bats and ghouls... OH MY!

as you can see, i decorated my lantern with spooky bats! orange leaves and creeeepy parchment ghouls!

for the full printable instructions click here… unless you’re CHICKEN?

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