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thanksgiving printables!

i get a lot of hits on this site from people looking for information on how to draw a pilgrim. i can’t help but feel bad i don’t have any advice on this topic and even though thanksgiving is an american celebration what kind of pilgrim would i be if i didn’t share something with you lovlies?

so, for your downloading pleasure i present a festive printable you may use as a welcome sign – or you could even laminate copies and make some placemats.

if you’d prefer something you can leave your own mark on i’ve also created a black and white line/color-in version for small thanksgivers, and those who are prone to feast-related boredom. get your crayons out and color away those family tensions.

please note: i do not offer tech support, or customization on printables.

enjoy the printables and the holiday my american friends!

ps: please note my turkey!! those of you who follow me on twitter might’ve witnessed some turkey related aggression: its hard to make an ugly bird cute but i think i came as close as possible! what do you think?

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