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hi! remember me? i feel like i haven’t ‘been’ here for just about all of february. obviously i’ve been posting and stuff and sure, nice pictures are nice, but i feel maybe like the blog’s been on auto pilot. there is good reason for that though, but i still want to pause and have a chat with you to make up for it.

so how’s you? taking care of yourself? your hair looks nice (i assume. i mean, if you’re here so you MUST have fabulous style)! i’m good – quite busy with many fingers in many pies (no actual pies though, unfortunately). let me tell you what i’ve been working on:

i’m really excited to be part of the drawn from fashion exhibition organized by leeloo. the show consists of artworks by a whole bunch of talented people (including me and my tremendously talented talent) inspired by l’oreal melbourne fashion festival runway events and is run alongside the finders keepers market. i can’t reveal too much more right now, (i know, what a tease!) but soon my pretties, soon. the piece i’m working on has been lots of fun and i couldn’t have picked a better designer to be inspired by. squee!

aside from that i have some top secret business going on. mysterious!

life: be optimistic

caution: fun times ahead.

and on the personal front i’ve been plotting and planning my ’30 before 30′ list. i know the life list thing is perhaps a bit of a blog cliche but bear with me on this:

  • i love lists
  • i’m not the best self motivator
  • i’ve never been one to set life goals. i do things one day at a time mostly.
  • if i don’t do some things before i turn 30, will i ever do those things?
  • i don’t want to die at the age of 31 of a massive vintage floral overdose with no fun stories to tell.
  • both my parents died youngish – for all i know, 30 could be my middle age too!

some of those reasons are pretty grim, but as i said i’m not so much into the big picture and for all i know the next 30 years will be a downhill slide and BAM! i wake up one day at the age of 58 having taken one day at a time and made no space for harebrained schemes! so i have a list of things to do. some things are boring but they are things that need doing (learn to drive, get my wisdom teeth out). and then some things are silly, and really i just want an excuse to do those things (have a ‘wind in the willows’ picnic, throw the most lavish dinner party i can muster).


the other things on my list are crazy and probably won’t get checked off, but if they’re on the list then perhaps the opportunities will arise, doors will open, lotteries will be won, and the universe will oblige (wink, wink, nudge, nudge universe, old buddy, old paaaal).

the things you want are waiting for your call

manifest dress-tiny

remember how i really wanted that vintage dress from the old sears catalogue book? and then i found it? this is precisely my point. identify the things you want and perhaps they’ll come to you? someone tell oprah! oh i think i’m late on this bandwagon too.. anyway i’ve embraced my list and started on a few things: i’ve already taken steps toward learning to drive, i’ve booked a trip to tokyo, and i’m actively working towards some of the others (not the wisdom teeth though. scared. please come with me and hold my hand).

FACT: cute scented pens write the best lists

fire up your cutest pens and paper

do you have a life list? what are your crazy wishes, hopes and dreams? if you’re thinking of starting one, i say make it a ceremony: get some special paper, write it nicely and keep it in your purse so you can look at it often. riding on the bus? get that sucker out and contemplate how you can make these things realities. life is short, and you never know whats lurking around the corner – that bus might get slurped up by a giant squid for all you know – so it’s your job to make your own life precisely what you think it should be. and in between the 9-5 and the drudgery we all have to get through, have some fun, ok?



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10 Responses to “current affairs & life changing events”

  • Hello! This post is all kinds of awesome, I am glad you wrote it. I do hope that owning a dachshund is on your list? x

  • Wow. Okay. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re not 30 yet? Okay. Lots of awesome years ahead of you. I’ll just say I kind of feel like I’m only just now coming into my own and I’m 36. But maybe I was a late bloomer! That dress is super cute!

    • valerie – i figure the most awesome years ARE ahead of me, i’m looking forward to my 30′s and my 40s and even my 50s.. i think there is going to be many years of extravagent life listing ahead! :D

  • Hi,
    I’m a long-time lurker, and great admirer of your bright, bold and beautiful-ness. I thought I’d finally jot a comment because this post is timely and I am so sitting down with some fun colorful crayons and writing out a list (and perhaps complimentary pictures). I was asked in a job interview what I wanted to do with my life, and i felt like a blubbering idiot as things like, world travel and pay the bills came falling out of my mouth in a confused cocktail of “I don’t know exactly”. Thanks for the encouragement.


    • rebecca – hey there lurky lurker! thanks for leaving a comment :) i’m like that in interviews too – and interviews are always so lame, it good to have those answers for YOURSELF! btu also good for cutting out the blubbering idiotness in front of potential employers haha

  • Hi! Today I came across this: and I wondered about what I would write, what would be the one thing I have to do before I die. The thing that jumped into my head was “have an exhibition” and then I read your post, and thought, yeh if not now, then when? So thank you for being the second dose of inspiration, an extra nudge…!

    • helena – wow what an awesome mural/interactive art piece!! and re: the exhibition, GO for it!! it can be scary but then you get to stand around with your friends and drink wine and look at your art. and with any luck people give you money for the art too :D

  • Miss Lolly:

    Hi there just thought I’d put my 2 bobs in about your teeth! I got my wisdom teeth out last year and it isn’t too bad! I mean, there are a few days of not-too-much-fun (I have photos of my face looking like a just stepped out of 3 rounds with Kostya Tszyu) but it’s so much better to have them done. I didn’t realise how much I had a permanent ‘face ache’ until I didn’t have it any more! Make sure you have lots of ice to wrap your face in and a few people lined up to be very nice to you! Oh, and buy a pack of straws!

    • miss lolly – thanks, i’m being a big wimp about the teeth, but eeeek. xrays showed they were wrapped around nerves and so its all gonna be a whole THING. y’know? i have to have the money, go to hospital, get someone to look after my son while i’m healing. i wish the tooth fairy would just come take ‘em away nicely!

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