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its time to decorate with draw! pilgrim’s alphabet print in ‘gum ball’ colorway. this post is something of an experiment, the gum ball color way has never been as hugely popular as the sundae color print, so i’m taking pre-orders before i get new stock of this bright pop color way!

If you’re anything like this family, you spend 90% of your time in your living room… living. so make it bright and fun to match the energy of your bunch! break up some blocks of color with sassy stripes and jazzy cushions. i’m a huge fan of white walls and colorful stuff. this is especially good news considering i’m a renter doomed to cream walls forever! click the pic for product info.

i really can’t get on the bland baby’s room bandwagon (i can’t get on any bandwagon – old sporting injury, y’see). i’m firmly of the opinion that if you’re going to spend your adulthood in beige and gray and black and blah then at least have a colorful childhood. babies in beige? no sir. babies deserve fresh, sweet, gelato colors! I say make the decor fun and whimsical because new life deserves to enjoy all the fun and dazzle that one can stand. click the pic for product info.

do you see the desk? it has pencils. for. legs. and a spiral binding detail. do i really need to explain any more?! good luck getting any serious work done on that sucker! and the rug matches the print like a match made in heaven, so if you buy one, promise me you’ll buy the other (buy the print first though ha!) click the pic for product info.


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