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The extremely popular matchbox advent calendar printable kit is back for 2013!

Click the button above to purchase, and once you’ve checked out the PDF kit will be sent to the email address associated with your paypal account. Check your trash and spam folders and if its not there in 24hrs please contact me.

the PDF kit contains:

- 24 individually designed matchbox labels by draw! pilgrim, all vintage style with an aged color tint, faux ‘off register’ color overlaps and a variety of european christmas greetings

- one sheet of templates to fold up the matchbox bases/drawers (you’ll need to print multiple copies of this page)

- a template for slips of paper to write notes for treats or activities etc

Customizations are not available on this kit, sorry!


what you will need

aside from the kit mentioned above, you’ll need to print the templates on heavy-ish paper or card: regular printer paper is quite flimsy – it’d be ok for using JUST this year, but if you want to use these matchboxes again i recommend something a little heavier, around 300gsm (i believe that’s equivalent to 200lbs weight). printing at home is convenient but for paper advice you might want to splurge and take this project to the print shop where you can see what range of papers they have and decide what will fold best for your needs.

you will also need:

- glue or double sided tape,

- scissors and/or a guillotine paper cutter (it makes cutting down the sheets of labels a bit faster and neater)

a bone folder or scoring tool will really give you great crisp edges when folding.

what to fill the boxes with?

you know your own people best, but some ideas are:

  • tiny candies: jellybeans, m&ms etc
  • individual chocolates
  • hair accessories
  • teensy toys
  • lego minifigs
  • stickers or temporary tattoos

or put in slips of paper hinting at where to find treats that are just a bit too big for the matchbox, e.g.: “look behind the dictionary!” and there will be hidden a new matchbox car or a little bottle of nail polish.

or write a list of treat experiences: “let’s put up the christmas tree!” “let’s go out for egg nog!” “gingerbread decorating day!” etc

how to display your calendar?

  • thread them on a string and hang them as a garland across a mantlepiece or door frame
  • add a strip of magnetic tape and put them up on your fridge
  • leave one each day on their bedside table
  • put one in their lunchbox
  • hang them all vertically on a length of string
  • …or just stick them all to a plain colored poster sheet!


so go ahead! its so much fun and a project that the whole family can get involved in.

While you are welcome to create or deconstruct this kit for your own personal use, i ask that you not use any part of it for retail (eg: selling handmade cards using my stamp designs etc)

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