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happy first of december! christmas is just a couple of weeks away so to get in the spirit i’ve given the site a festive makeover. click through if you’re in a rss reader and tell me what you think. i’m pleased to say the bulk of my christmas shopping is done and the rest i’m hoping to knock off in no time at all. our tree is yet to come though – i have to wait until after a photographer has visited before i get all out crazy-christmas style!

and speaking of christmas, i was honoured to participate in kara haupt’s christmas print project. you can help too by purchasing one of the 4×6 inch prints for $6 or you could go for the whole package of 5 prints for $24. all profits will go the the mercy house, a six-bed maternity home for pregnant girls and staff on the outskirts of nairobi, kenya. share some fab art & the festive spirit! everyone wins.

toffee magazine

also, if you’re in the market for an advent calendar, might i remind you about the groovy one i made for toffee magazine? download toffee, print and paste together! could it get any easier?! me thunk snot!

and lastly, a final reminder about my online yard sale. i’ll be closing my yard sale at 12am melbourne time on sunday the 5th. other sellers may still be participating so don’t forget to stop by the ‘yards’ to check out some of the thrifty potential xmas presents on offer:

alison loves

cinti does vintage

happy gas

little sparrow

one pink plum

polka dot rabbit

sarah berry


the pepper and her pups

hey lovely people, just popping in to apologise for my absence. i know my start date for the yard sale was the 1st of november, but i’m just super behind thanks to sickness plus double domestic duties while my boy worked quadruple overtime last week, plus you know, life with a small guy.

anyway: seeing as i’ve been sick once a month for the past, er.. six months(!!) i’m going to take this week slow and try and recover properly once and for all! so consider me jamming a stick in this hamster wheel, and taking a mini-break before yard sale/christmas/california holiday frenzy commence! i really don’t want to keep getting sick. its bumming me out and i think my body is getting fed up too. i want to keep this draw! pilgrim, not rest in peace! pilgrim.

so i will return next week, and hopefully you can all buy my yard sale stuff and get me a stay at the mayo clinic, ok? mmmmm mayo. don’t forget to click the link in the lefthand sidebar to checkout the OTHER yard sales linking to mine!

snifflingly yours,


hey there, how is your week going? i just wanted to take a break from pretty posts for a moment to address something a bit more serious…

a friend of mine recently asked me why i didn’t publish a comment she’d left for me. i was pretty confused because i publish all comments i get (with the exception of spam) and i remember reading and approving that comment: only for it to vanish into thin air!

if anyone else has left a comment with a question or comment that went unaddressed or has disappeared, please let me know. i read and enjoy the comments you leave and though i have a bad habit of reading them on my iphone and not having time to reply immediately i DO really appreciate that you take the time to comment and i love hearing what you have to say.

i don’t know if this mysterious thing is a blogger anomaly or if its only my comment section thats haunted, but i’m moving from blogger soon so hopefully it won’t have time to eat any more of you comments!

i apologize for any misunderstandings about comments, and of course if you would like to contact me i welcome your emails to drawpilgrim at gmail

you know how i’m always banging on about color, and trying to burn out your retinas with all kinds of eye-searing vintage color combinations? well good news for you, bad news for your optometrist: this week is BLACK AND WHITE WEEK on draw! pilgrim.

stay tuned for all manner of monochrome madness in the coming days…

wow! what a thrill to be featured on decor8! a big hello to any of you visiting for the first time thanks to holly’s feature on me and my home. here are some posts i think you might enjoy:

why don’t you head over to the vine’s site for a visit to my studio and some very nice words about me!

some favorite things from around my home in ‘things i already covet

see how i learned to stop worrying and love yellow and also patchwork!

there is plenty of vintage graphis magazine goodness.

i’ve made a cute moss terrarium and some curtains for my kitchen bench and my mellow yellow bedroom!

✽ i share a lot of cute books

… and we looked at some posters i made

✽ and dig some retro knit fashions.

i hope you enjoy looking around draw! pilgrim. i’m passionate about everything i post about here so if you have any questions leave me a comment, or even just say hello and i’ll be happy to have a chat!

draw! pilgrim

i did it! i made it a whole month of being a bloggerella, five days a week. its been a steep learning curve, but thank you, for visiting and for commenting and all being very lovely people.

before we look back, why don’t you head over to the vine for a visit to my studio and some very nice words about me!

so what might you have missed in this whirlwind of a month?

i showed you some favorite things from around my home in ‘things i already covet

i learned to stop worrying and love yellow!

there was plenty of vintage graphis magazine goodness.

i made a cute moss terrarium!

do you remember seeing the cute picture books ‘little oleg‘ and ‘wings on wednesday‘?

i showed you my mellow yellow bedroom!

… and we looked at some posters i made

and just the other day, we giggled at some retro knit fashions. (its a bit off topic, but check out these vintage hostesses! so cute!)

coming in the next month on draw! pilgrim: a spectacular birthday party, some new handmade crafty creations and something extra special i hope you’re really going to like!

so, stick around my lovelies, because the fun has only just begun!

what have you enjoyed seeing on draw! pilgrim? any requests for the coming month?

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